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        1. 继2019年8月28日获得国际风景园林师协会亚太区(IFLA APR)4项国际奖后,上海亦境联合上海交通大学设计学院再次斩获2项英国国家景观奖。

          今天,英国景观行业协会(British Association of Landscape Industries,简称BALI)公布了2019年度国家景观奖(BALI National Landscape Awards)的获奖名单。
          上海亦境联合上海交通大学设计学院申报的两个项目,“上海醉白池公园更新设计”、“上海交通大学蔷薇园景观设计”从全球众多作品中脱颖而出,荣获本届的BALI国际奖(International Awards)。

          以画入园 · 因画成景
          BALI National Landscap Awards


          Zuibaichi Park was a private garden in Song Dynasty, named as ‘Guyang Garden’, and was repaired and rebuilt - by Qichang Dong, a master of painting and calligraphy in the late Ming Dynasty, and Dashen Gu, a famous painter in Qing Dynasty, later in succession. It is the oldest one in the five famous classic gardens in Shanghai.

          Based on the goal and requirements of urban landscape renewal of Shanghai, this project is established in the promotion of systematization, networking and refinement of public space in Songjiang urban area, opens up public activity space appropriately on the basis of fully protecting and inheriting the pattern, atmosphere and charm of classical garden, and further expand modern functions of recreation.On the basis of height difference of terrain, sort out tourist routes, naturally penetrate internal and external landscape. spreading is solved, which results from the opening of the Metro Line 9.

          BALI National Landscap Awards

          The Rose Garden is a specified plant garden located in the northeast of the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It covers an area of 4000㎡. The site was a camphor forest, adjacent to the administrative building in the southeast, at its south is spare land for construction; at its north and east is scientific research zone, which is an important terminal scenery at Wenzhi Avenue.?
          The design makes full use of current terrain and scenic resources in the surroundings. The refinement and application of campus cultural symbols, integration of science popularization practice with recreation ,and other design strategies make the garden become a model of low-cost horticultural landscape construction. The Rose Garden has became an outdoor recreation center and a teaching and scientific research practice site in the northeastern part of the campus to create another bright visiting card for the University.?

          “英国风景园林行业协会(British Association of Landscape Industries,简称BALI),是英国风景园林行业非常具有代表性的协会,一直致力于提高行业标准,追求卓越。一年一度的英国BALI国家景观奖评选始于1976年,其目的是在广泛的景观设计领域评选出展现了杰出的专业性和技术性的BALI会员,是英国富有盛名的景观奖项,每年的颁奖盛会都会吸引近千名全球各地的专业人士参加?!?/span>